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Hello [26 Nov 2008|05:47am]

Hello there...

Before I get started, I'll point out two communities I tried to start related to this topic that some might find relevant...

They are humannamedstuff (which is all about products, etc having human first names) and sexynamesnwords ('words' are really just names For ideas anyway, right?)...

Anyway, moving on, the following names come to mind for me:

- Recently I met a Dawnielle
- 'Lira' would make a sexy human name
- 'Audra' is a sweet name
- 'Barrineau' rocks
- 'Sharla' rocks
- I thought I invented 'Anjanella', but trust me, she's been done...
- Sexy product name (certainly trademarked): "Lineance"
- Of course "Marianna" is beautiful
- Product name: "Rational Rose" :-) I'm sure is a trademark.
- Another awesome product name: "Aprilaire". Surely also trademarked.
- Another product name I like (also obviously trademarked): "Lalique".
- Yet another awesome name used for a product: "Diandra".
- I love "January" (just had to mention this :-) )...
- How about "Junette"?
- "Renita"?
- "Sharnella"?
- My favorite names though are Julie/Julia and Elaine.

Of course, if I ever -ran out-, I could consult the employee directory where I work. Every third or fourth name or so just rocks :-)

This just occurred me... If you name your baby trademarks like 'Zest' or 'Microsoft', can the company give you crap? :-D (Sounds like something Frank Zappa would have done anyway :-D)

- Dave

WDYT [14 Oct 2008|09:56pm]

I've tried and tried to find any female in the world with the first name Archer and I can't seen to track any down.  Does anyone know of any?  WDYT of this as a first name for a girl.  I adore it and find it girly and unique all at once.  Thoughts?
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[06 Oct 2008|09:21pm]


I love thinking of new and unique names, a lot of people don't really like most of then, but I happen to love them. i.e.

Gigi Elise.
Arelie Christine. (Pronounced RRR LEE)
Adelle Barley.
Jason Lotte.

Porter Langston.
Prescott Lane.
Jenkins Ray.



intro post [11 Aug 2008|10:53pm]

Hi. I am fascinated by names as a topic. I believe different aspects to names increase a tendency toward specific attributes in some people who are sensitive to this type of internalization of their name. I also have some biases or supersititious beliefs about certain names.

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My personal list thus far. [13 Feb 2006|02:22pm]
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I guess I will go ahead and start it off. My name is Laura, and my middle name is Marie. I have pretty much always been interested in names of any kind, and I've recently started compiling a list of names I like/find interesting. Behindthename.com is definitely my biggest source.

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